February 28th, 2011

WireGUI is a controller application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that sends Open Sound Control messages, which may be used by any receiving program on a connected network. Such a program could be a music making application, or DJing software, or a video program, or a programming environment… There are many applications, as outlined in the Wikipedia article linked to above.

Groups of user interface objects are available for use, including sliders, buttons and knobs. They can be moved, resized and rotated to make a screen layout that suits the user. There are 4 “screens” available for groups to be placed into, and each screen may contain up to 3 groups, which can be added and deleted at will. Custom color settings can be specified, along with many other options. All editing takes place on the device.

(forthcoming in version 1.3) Any group which retains values, such as one with sliders or knobs, may also act as a simple step sequencer.

Groups can overlap and remain fully operational if arranged in this way. This usage is neither encouraged nor prevented, but left to the discretion of the user.

For an overview of its use, consult the Quick Start guide.