• An OSC controller App for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Includes groups of controls: Sliders, Slider Bars, Arrows, Buttons, Knobs, Drum Pads, a mixer and an X-Y Touchpad.
  • All groups respond to multiple points of contact.
  • Quickly arrange controller elements on the device itself  - no need to spend hours using complicated desktop editing programs.
  • Groups can be resized, automatically arranged and even rotated.
  • (forthcoming in version 1.3) Simple sequencer function allows values to be stepped through with adjustable tempo and ppqn.
  • Distinctive, minimalist looks with customisable color schemes.
  • Arrangements can be saved on the device for later use.
  • Extensive OSC spec.
  • Only $4.99

Requires iOS 4.0+, 4.2+ recommended.

Important compatibility information: Use of 4th generation iPhone or iPod Touch is highly recommended. Testing has revealed problems with the display of bitmaps in some older generation devices. A fix has been identified and is planned for release in a future version.

For more in-depth information, browse the documentation.




A group of objects is added by selecting an icon and dragging it to the centre of the screen. Groups can be placed into one of 4 “pages”, and may be rearranged, resized, rotated and overlaid.


Custom colors may be set on the device using these simple sliders.

Three types of sliders are available, all in horizontal and vertical versions. The arrows return both positive and negative values.

The XY Pad registers five points of contact. Grids can be expanded up to 16 x 16.


The Mixer provides a familiar control interface.

16 presets can be stored on the device. The data for a single page may also be sent and received via OSC. In version 1.3 onwards, a simple step sequencer function may be used in any group which retains values.


WireGUI features an extensive OSC spec and many options for generated messages.

These two beautiful screenshots are yours to cut out and keep, whatever you decide.