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Modular analogue synthesis as an extension of a digital system, part 2

A few words about SuperCollider for users of modular synths SuperCollider is just like a modular synth – a real-time audio synthesis environment, except the sound generation takes place digitally and is put together using a text-based language.

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The Beauty of the Harmonograph

Here is a compilation of animations made from plotting three sine waves together, rotating them and changing the appearance in various ways – an interpretation of the Harmonograph concept.

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Pepper Spray has been Modeselekted

Modeselektor started their own record label called Monkeytown Records with a compilation of various artists called “MODESELEKTOR PROUDLY PRESENTS MODESELEKTION VOL.01″ which looks like this and is on a myriad of formats and my track “Pepper Spray” is on the … Continue reading

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