Beginning iOS Development @ Berlin, Feb & Mar 2014

iOS is the operating system used on Apple’s mobile products: the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, over 700 million of these devices have been sold, and over a million apps are available to use on them. But impressive as these statistics might be, they don’t provide a reason to engage with the platform. So why learn to develop for iOS?

The iPhone and its related family of devices (iPad and iPod Touch) are packed with sensors: a touchscreen, two cameras, a microphone, an accelerometer… More than just a collection of hardware, whether used for productivity or games, the philosophy of the operating system and the apps it runs puts the user at the centre of the experience.

Apple’s multimedia frameworks, known as Cocoa, provide the low-level, responsive access to the hardware that is required to create compelling apps. Using them involves learning the Objective-C language and the Xcode development environment. There are plenty of step-by-step guides on the internet, but getting started can still be daunting.

This course is aimed at those who have a minimal experience of programming, perhaps with a scripting language or a creative-coding environment (i.e. JavaScript, Processing, PHP, Python etc.) It will introduce Objective-C and object-oriented concepts, along with creating and animating user interfaces, and making use of the hardware.

The workshop will be given by Chris Jeffs, author of four apps on the store. More info can be found at

Several attendees of a previous workshop series given in 2011 have gone on to have apps in the store and find work as iOS developers.


You MUST have a copy of Xcode 5 running on your OSX machine. This can be downloaded for free on the Mac App Store, see for details.

The course can be completed using the built-in iPhone / iPad simulator, but the use of a real device is highly recommended. For this, you need to be a registered Apple developer, at a cost of about €70 – see

Please have Xcode installed and ready to go before attending. If you have any technical questions or would like to discuss the content of the course, please email


Location: Co-Up Coworking Space, Adalbertstraße 8, 10999 Berlin.

Dates: Sunday Feb 23 & Mar 2, 9, 16

Times: 14:00 – 18:00

Fee: €25 per session or €88 (€22 per session) for all sessions if paid at the beginning of the course. Maximum of 12 participants. Places must be reserved before attending. Priority will be given to those booking the full four weeks.

To book, email

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