Languages: C++ (sometimes with Cinder), Objective-C, SuperColliderProcessing & derived Java.


February: participation in the Berlin App Olympics, for team creating “ToothBrushy.”


November: started long-term freelance position working on commercial music software.

August – October: various programming workshops.

July: Monnix (iPhone – Objective-C++) harmonics based synth

June: DoodleShake (iPhone – Objective-C++) doodle remix application

May: Mizit (iPhone – Objective-C++) a stylish clock

April: WireGUI (iPhone – C++ / Cinder) Open Sound Controller


December: Impressionist Portrait (Processing Applet)

Swipe Portrait (Processing Applet)

Valse Automatique (SuperCollider / Java) Participated in performance project.

November: Formreihen 2010 (SuperCollider) Collaborative project for touchscreen installation.

SlitScanMan (Processing Applet)

June: Particularity: (OS X) Granular synthesis and visual animations generator. Joint winner of the LOMUS 2010.

Emotifruit: (OS X) Semi-algorithmic composition using a fruit machine interface.

2002 – 2010:

various private-ware software systems and projects

music and sounds:

cms environment - step sequencer

cms environment - step sequencer

CMS Environment: Music composition and audio synthesis environment.

KBH mix screen

KBH mix screen

Kombine BeatHarvester (1 2 3 4): 4 deck DJ software.

Monome Music System (1 2 3 4): Music composition system for the Monome, complete with DJing page.

tiny music system drum page

tiny music system drum page

Tiny Music System (1 2): Limited music composition and synthesis system for the iPod Touch via SuperCollider for that platform.

Supershift: granular remix sequencer.

CMS 3000: OS9 / SC2 composition and synthesis environment.

PictureGate: composing using 8×8 pixel grid.

NoNo System: Note On / Note Off – lightweight MIDI input to synthesis output.

ModBlah: Writing into a buffer while modulating the write head, then doing the same when reading it back, then feeding this back to the write head again.

Babble Synth: Imitating babbling speech in a very approximate way.


Harmono / JHarmono: Computer generated harmonographs.

Ambient News: pretty RSS reader.

CBR Listener Graph: Audio to visuals system for a specific project yet to be announced.

Path Editor: edit a line path using points.

Tile Editor: edit collections of simple tile patterns.

Trig Viz: trigger video clips using MIDI notes.

Pixel Letters: render typefaces made of pixels.

Path Letters: render typefaces made from line paths.

K Portrait: Kurt Kranz inspired portraits.

F Portrait: mess around with webcam input.


The R-T: audio related project submitted to a digital art festival.

MultiDoc: multiple page document editor for SuperCollider.

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