…of the musical kind.

Divided Loyalties“: a track from the 1997 Cylob single “Diof 97″ featuring Tom Jenkinson on bass. We used to hang out a bit back in those days, and I used to have a bass guitar, so one night he had a play, I recorded some loops and made them the basis of a track.

Cylobotnia: the collaboration released in 2002 between me and Aleksi Perala, aka Ovuca and Astrobotnia. We swapped some half-finished tracks between us and finished them. Some tracks from a subsequent session when we were both in the same room together found their way onto Myspace four years later.

Private Lives: the italodisco flavoured project I worked on alongside DMX Krew. It was released on SoulJazz records in 2007. Made round his house in this studio. There was lots of terrorism related hysteria in London at the time, and some arrests had been made in the immediate area. With this on our minds and the vocoder in full flow, the refrain became one of: “I don’t want to be scrutinised, I just want to live a private life.” The rest is history. (???)

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