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Particularity is an open source program for generating sounds and visuals. I am honoured that it has been awarded joint first place in the LoMus 2010 competition.

(here is a video runthrough of the demo patches that come with the program.)

This program is for Mac OS X 10.4 and above, and has been tested on 10.4.11 and briefly 10.5. It is based on SuperCollider using its standalone capacity. Particularity, along with a documentation PDF and the source code can be downloaded here.

introduction from the manual

Particularity is a real-time granular synthesis system, along with a sequencer for some of the parameters, combined with a generator of animated visuals. There can be as many as 8 synthesis processes at any one time, and one “picture” window. The synthesis is constantly running while turned on. The sequencer also loops continuously, controlling pitch, amplitude and probability of the synthesis in two time frames: micro (short times) and meta (longer periods.)

The states of any of these individual processes can be saved and recalled, copied and pasted. In addition, the state of all processes at any one time can be saved as a snapshot. A collection of these (named a “palette”) can be used to step through these snapshots at will. The palette may be controlled using MIDI notes from any available source.

Intended as a tool for live performance, the Live Mixer further influences the sonic output, with controls for volume, panning and frequency offsets for both individual channels and the entire setup.

The visuals system takes its data mainly from the sequencer parameters, plotting them in 2D space in a user-definable way. Shapes, colours and sizes can be chosen, and these parameters stored in the palette along with the sound generating parameters. In this way a whole audio-visual piece can be composed, recalled and performed.

5 Responses to Particularity

  1. iwamoog says:

    This App looks like very interesting for me.
    But I can’t installed on Mac OS X 10.5.8.
    Very disappointing…. orz

    • admin says:

      Hi, it would help if you could give some more details, but judging from your I.P. you are in Japan (?) Apparently there is an issue with using the program with OS X in Japanese, and if you can switch the language to something European, or use another installation where English is the default language, it may work then. Sorry about that – the program depends on SuperCollider, which has this issue, I don’t know why…

  2. iwamoog says:

    Yeah I’m from Japan.
    And This probrem caused by OS X language Setting,
    was Fixed by switching the language to English.
    Now I can be using this app.Very happy.

  3. Michael B. says:

    Chris, I’ve always enjoyed using the old os9 Pulsar Generator, but I no longer have a computer that can run it…I tried out Particularity on my wife’s macbook and was REALLY impressed! This is a wonderful update of the Pulsar Generator program…the only problem is that I am using a Windows 7 system! Do you have any plans on porting this over to windows? Is there a way to get the source code to run the program on Windows 7? Thanks,!

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