Ambient News

A 14 track album released on Cylob Industries in August 2009. Catalogue no. CSR 007.
Available on iTunes, Boomkat, Bleep, etc.
Download a full length preview HERE.

This project grew from an initial idea to present a video each day, with the current news headlines rendered as an abstract animation, set to a new ambient track. I made it to 11 videos and 8 more bonus audio only efforts after that. The videos can be found on Vimeo and the audio on Bandcamp. Note – these were very quickly made tracks (around about 1-2 hours each) so should not be used as a final judgement on my musical prowess; please use the finished and polished album for that! Still I think there are some nice moments.

Ambient News Album Technical Breakdown.

All sequencing done by Cylob Music System / Monome Music System in SuperCollider.

Parts recorded, edited and mixed in Ableton Live, often with added convolving reverb via external audio connection to old G4 tower.

01 – Drawsec

100% SuperCollider synthesis.

Bell sounds made from a combination of simple FM patches (simulating a “hit”) going into Klank resonating filters, and some stacked Klangs.

02 – Belong

Mostly analogue synths. Drums and “bleep” are synthesized from SC.

03 – Phantom Daughter

Initial loop from 3 analogue synths, slightly detuned and playing alternating notes, everything else SC synths.

04 – Bama

100% SC synthesis. Composed using Monome Music System.

05 – Triple Shot

Drums by SC with analogue synths.

06 – Ambinews One

100% SC synthesis. Composed using Monome Music System.

07 – Tumbcao

100% SC synthesis.

08 – Moon On My Forehead

Vocoder parts made using EMS 2000. Kick and snare by analogue synthesis, everything else is SC.

09 – Am I Almost There

Singing and harmonium recorded using internal mic on MacBook black. Some tweaking to the vocals by Melodyne. Additional reverb added, along with resonant filters from Ableton that fade in at opportune moments.

10 – Lang

100% SC synthesis. Composed using Monome Music System.

11 – Quiet Triumph

Almost all analogue synths: Synton Fenix, Cwejman S2, Roland Sh-1, Oberheim Xpander, Moog Voyager. Only the kick drum is from SC. Harmony composed using MMS.

12 – Grunewald

100% SC synthesis. Composed using Monome Music System. Hihats through Roland SBF-325 flanger.

13 – Raki

100% SC synthesis.

14 – After The Flohmarkt

Recorded bells, gongs and other percussion, live guitar playing, all slightly tweaked now and again for timing. Drums and singing by SC synthesis.

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