nonprivate is the alias I use for more abstract sounds – what I would define as music without any beats or melodies, at least in the conventional sense.

Complete Discography available HERE

nonprivate has performed live four times so far, here’s what it looks like:

nonprivate plays live

Picture taken at -able kulturverein gallery, Berlin. From

It’s an audio-visual show (wishing there was a more exciting turn of phrase to describe it – but basically, simple animations based on the synthesis processes are simultaneously projected.)

Here are some vids I put on youtube. The first two were made on my breaking laptop, which is why the video is so stuttery.

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  1. schlu says:

    What can I say ? LOve it !

  2. Felt-ch says:

    Hi Chris,
    I am fascinated by your nonprivate project, do you have any more live appearances planned? I have been making music for about a year now and am already starting to take my production into the abstract side of things. Keep it up, hope to hear some more soon.

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