Kinesthesia was the very first musical alias I used, and lasted for 3 EPs and an album between 1993 and 1995. Initially I intended “Kinesthesia” to be used for more “musical” projects, and “Cylob” for abstract stuff, but soon came to realise I could not bring myself to make such a distinction in the music I wanted to make, and switched to the name Cylob full time in 95.


  • Kinesthesia Volume 1 (Rephlex CAT 011 EP : 12/93)
  • Kinesthesia Volume 2 (Rephlex CAT 014 EP : 7/95)
  • Kinesthesia: Empathy Box Remixes (Rephlex CAT 022 EP : 1/96)


  • Kinesthesia: Empathy Box (Rephlex CAT 022 LP/CD : 4/96)

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