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Made under the names: Cylob, Ambient News, nonprivate and Kinesthesia.


Pepper Spray / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQac4PJeaJ0


(practically depreciated) http://www.myspace.com/cylob

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Cyloblog / http://cylob.blogspot.com/

Cylob Industries (label) / http://cylobindustries.com/


(This is centred on my Cylob alias, as that is the most prominent name. I’m not sure how to shoehorn any mention of nonprivate in here.)

Cylob is the alias of electronic music maker Chris Jeffs. A trombone player in his youth, he progressed to experimenting with electronic music and recording in his late teens.

At first inspired by early 80′s synth-pop, old-school hip-hop and electro, and dance pioneers Art Of Noise, 808 State and LFO, Chris gave a demo tape to Aphex Twin at a gig in early 1993, subsequently signing to his Rephlex label a short time after.

Since his debut, he has released 13 singles and 5 albums on Rephlex, in addition to the EP “Spider Report” for Breakin’ Records.

Initial releases under the name Kinesthesia comprised of two EP’s of crunchy beats and exhilarating melodies (Volumes 1 and 2), an album of isolationist ambience (“Empathy Box”) and a 12″ of remixes from the album, from artists including Mu-ziq, Autechre and Aphex Twin.

This monicker was laid to rest in 1995, when Chris decided to concentrate on the Cylob name first used on his “Industrial Folk Songs” EP and his remix of Aphex Twin’s “Ventolin” for WARP. This was followed by the lush melodies of the 1996 album “Cylobian Sunset”, reckoned by many connoisseurs to be a classic electronic album.

Then followed the harsh dancefloor sonics of “Cylob’s Latest Effort” and “Lobster Tracks” (with its Chris Cunningham-illustrated sleeve), pop pastiche with “Living In The 1980′s”, soothing bells and gongs on “Mood Bells” and the electronic funk and braindance of “CMS 3000″ Volumes 1 & 2.

2007 saw the launch of Cylob’s own net label, Cylob Industries. 3 singles and 4 albums have so far been released via Bleep, BoomKat, iTunes and many other digital music retailers. These include “Trojan Fader Style”, a one track album lasting almost an hour, “Formant Potaton” which features computer generated vocals, and “Bounds Green”, a collection of previously unreleased ambient tracks from the mid 90′s.

The next project to see the light of day in September 2009 was a 14 track album under the artist name of “Ambient News.” It contains dreamy music in various styles recorded in London, Berlin and Seattle over the space of three years.

First played by Huw Stephens on his Radio 1 show in 2008, the acid / electro / vocal single “Pepper Spray” was finally unleashed in April 2010. It has also made its way in a specially mixed version onto Modeselektor‘s compilation album, Modeselektion Volume 1, released in October on their new label.

Although Cylob’s music is predominantly instrumental, his most well known tracks have been the underground hits “Rewind” and “Cut The Midrange, Drop The Bass” which pioneered computer-generated rapping and singing on top of signature Cylob beats. A video to “Rewind” directed by Mark Adcock and featuring renowned martial artist Chloe Bruce saw a fair amount of MTV airplay on its release in 1999.

In addition, there have been remixes for artists such as Soulwax (aka 2 Many DJ’s), Cristian Vogel (NovaMute), Mike Flowers Pops (Lo) and DMX Krew (Rephlex.) A few forays into media composing have resulted in themes for UK and US cable stations, and animation music for the official FIFA World Cup 2002 website.

Apart from his solo recordings, Cylob has also engaged in sporadic collaborations, releasing tracks with the likes of Squarepusher and Aleksi Perala (the latter as “Cylobotnia”). More recently, in 2007 an acid house tinged italodisco project created with fellow Rephlex artist Ed DMX was released on SoulJazz records under the name “Private Lives”.

Cylob makes his music using his own Cylob Music System program, written in the Supercollider language. This continuing work in progress, started in 2001, has led to his sound becoming increasingly distinctive. Details of this software can be found on his website.

Cylob has been playing live and DJ’ing since 1994, playing his first set in legendary Leeds techno club The Orbit, and since touring extensively in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and Russia. These gigs include two appearances at the Glade festival and several appearances at renowned neo-rave event Bangface. He has also made the occasional broadcast on radio worldwide including twice on BBC Radio 1′s Breezeblock show. He continues to perform regularly and work on recording projects.

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