New (music!!) releases on their way

(update 22 August: Both releases scheduled for 12 September.)

Hi, despite banging on about programming more than anything else lately, I haven’t lost interest in music making! In fact there are a couple of new releases that will find their way overground just as soon as the digital distribution channels are able to get on the case. That might be a few weeks, but since I’ve just finished mastering the tracks and doing the artwork, I may as well start the hype machine.

The first is the nonprivate album I meant to put onto the wires last year, but somehow never got around to. Released as a limited edition cassette on Spanish experimental label Alku, now you can hear it in all its digital glory, with none of that annoying “analogue warmth” haha! The two sides of the tape are accompanied by a short, noisy bonus track.

The second release is another Ambient News album, a collection of tracks made in other people’s analogue synth equipped studios, mostly over the last year. If you liked Cylobian Sunset or Bounds Green then you should lend an ear, as there are some lovely milky synths and melancholic moments along with the usual whimsy. There are also more edgy sounds in the mix, to stop it becoming too much of a warm bath – anyway there’s not a lot of point reading my description, it will be best to listen to the mp3 demo I’ll put up shortly before its release.

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