DJ Cylob on Fatcat Podcast

I’m a week late posting my own news, again… My last ever club DJ set has gone up as a FatCat podcast.

Reminds me of the time I played in the London record store, when it existed – it moved once or twice, I played the second incarnation. (Although to be honest I barely have any recollection, anyway it was sometime between 95 and 98 and I balanced my sampler and some other bits of gear off the edge of the counter and did my thing. I wonder if there’s any photo evidence of this event, you never know!)

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3 Responses to DJ Cylob on Fatcat Podcast

  1. Juan says:

    Great to listen to that mix again! I actually liked the crashes. I’m sure some people will cry knowing this is you last DJ set ever… :-(

  2. Chris says:

    Getting to see you here in Seattle is something I’ll never forget. I hope you will continue to make amazing music and share with us fans. You have truly created a signature sound like no one else. Now to go buy an Apple product so I can enjoy your apps.. Cheers.

  3. Akira says:

    Glad to hear a new C´s session!!
    Thanks! =DD

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