Self portraits, after Kurt Kranz

I didn’t know anything of Kurt Kranz (1910-1997) before beginning an installation for an exhibition of his works. Following my discovery, this week I’ve been inspired to replicate some of his methods digitally, something his art lends itself to. If you click here you can download the press kit for the exhibition, including the pictures that served as a starting point for my own experiments.

Firstly, some pics based on the Rasterbild (check the file named bhd_kranz_rasterbild_1932.jpg)

And here are a couple of pictures inspired by his photography series, as seen in the files bhd_kranz_augenreihe_1931.jpg and bhd_kranz_mundreihen_1931.jpg. The program used takes one picture every second.

For good measure, here are some “scanned” portraits – although not in the visual style of Kranz, this is also another way of capturing movement in a picture, with satisfyingly creepy results.

This stuff was quickly hacked together with Processing.

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