Valse Automatique

[edit - removed video - it has been set to private]

This is the trailer for “the robot project” I’ve been participating in for the last 6 months or so. It culminates in the performances tonight and tomorrow at MADE in Berlin, during which I’ll be overseeing the audio analysis and controlling the lights – with my own programs, of course (just in case you were in any doubt!) It’s a nice touch that this short film features my music. And oh yeah the interview. At least they chose the only five seconds I wasn’t staring at the floor.
OK never mind that. It wasn’t the plan to do the lights, but having encountered the rig – 225 lamps, each of which have individually addressable RGB led’s – I had some ideas and got the opportunity to put them into practice. The violin signal is analysed for pitch and “flux” – the rate of change in the sound from one analysis frame to the next – and a blend of four colours sweep across the room from the direction of Miki, the player. It looks great! Hopefully a video will be up soon of the performance itself and you can judge for yourself.

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  1. vincent g says:

    That video is set to private.

  2. admin says:

    yeah no sheet. it was public at the time of my post. so then stay tuned, maybe that will change.

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