The latest thing I’ve been investigating is Cinder, a framework based on C++. I’ve been using it for a week so far and it’s a bit harder than SuperCollider or Java, if conceptually quite similar. (Well, they are all object-oriented, at least.) Still I’ve managed to make a little app that has some elements of interest, as can be seen in the demo video above. You can download the app itself (OSX 10.6 only – you need the Menlo typeface installed!) and the source code is also available. Disclaimer:¬†Use at your own risk – it didn’t make my machine break down for what it’s worth. Source code may or may not be a good example to other C++ learners.

Instructions: set the sliders to change the pitch for that step. Move the box around by clicking in the area within the box above the sliders themselves. Use the red square to resize the GUI – try flipping it over! And that’s it!

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  1. CpILL says:

    I reck’n you should make the scaling effect the sound. Perhaps the tempo or amp. etc.

    I love vector GUIs! why don’t they make an OS out of vectors?!?

  2. CpILL says:

    p.s. no RSS feed for this blog man???

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