Slit Scan Man

alexander got scanned

Scan of Alexander Whillas

(thanks to Alex for the use of his face.)

I’ve posted an applet of my Processing-made slit-scanning self-portrait program, called SlitScanMan. (click on the name to go there.) Hope it works for you… just trust the certificate when it asks (er you do trust me, right?)┬áIt’s supposed to use your webcam (or whatever photographic input device was used last.) Instructions follow:

Press 1 for default mode – click and drag a rectangle, and that will be updated on mouse up.
2 – click and drag, but with “live update” as you change the box.
3 – horizontal scan.
4 – vertical scan.
5 – freeze.
t – (if you run the code on your machine instead of online) takes a tiff of the picture and saves it to disk.

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