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SuperCollider code site

I’ve uploaded a few old patches and a couple of new ones to this site: The latest one is the sound of breaking glass which I’m reasonably proud of. I meant to get some proper work done today but … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Harmonograph

Here is a compilation of animations made from plotting three sine waves together, rotating them and changing the appearance in various ways – an interpretation of the Harmonograph concept.

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Code Obfuscation

I’ve been meaning to explore the idea of rendering computer code unreadable for a while, and finally got around to investigating it last week. I like the idea that, even if you have the source code for a program, you … Continue reading

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Valse Automatique

[edit - removed video - it has been set to private] This is the trailer for “the robot project” I’ve been participating in for the last 6 months or so. It culminates in the performances tonight and tomorrow at MADE … Continue reading

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Impressionist Portrait

Hi, I hope you’ll be “impressed” with this latest portrait-making applet…

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Swipe Portrait

“SwipePortrait” is another Processing derived applet I’ve posted, along with the sourcecode. Click on the title to go there. This time the “scanning” happens in small chunks rather than across the whole screen. A couple more pics follow.

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Kinect Hacks

Hi, this blog isn’t just a self-promo effort, it’s also my scrapbook. There have been a million Kinect hacks already and they have already been infinitely reblogged! Still, here are two of my favourites. I like them so much because … Continue reading

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The latest thing I’ve been investigating is Cinder, a framework based on C++. I’ve been using it for a week so far and it’s a bit harder than SuperCollider or Java, if conceptually quite similar. (Well, they are all object-oriented, … Continue reading

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Slit Scan Man

(thanks to Alex for the use of his face.) I’ve posted an applet of my Processing-made slit-scanning self-portrait program, called SlitScanMan. (click on the name to go there.) Hope it works for you… just trust the certificate when it asks … Continue reading

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